Our activity prevents the emission of 17 500Tn of CO2 every year


TYRMA, thanks to its technological development, is capable of processing plastics from various origins with a very high profitable rate of the raw material it recycles.

In this project, efficiency in electricity and water consumption in the process is also constantly sought.

Thanks to the subsequent processing of our products, plastic can be given a second life, which avoids the enormous environmental impact of using landfills for this material.


Future uses of recycled plastic

The EU (European Commission) has established the goal for 2025 through the CIRCULAR ECONOMY package, the challenge of recycling 60% of total plastic packaging, currently estimated at only 22%.
To meet these targets, it is necessary to develop a strong recycling industry for post-industrial and post-consumer film packaging. It will be necessary to promote new end uses for recycled LDPE granules.
TYRMA is committed to developing technologies, making investments and improving processes to achieve these targets.
At the Paris packaging fair, a flexible packaging with a content of 40% recycled material by TYRMA has already been presented for supermarket shelves.