Our activity prevents the emission of 17 500Tn of CO2 every year


TYRMA obtains high quality LOW DENSITY POLYETHYLENE (LDPE) in its recycling process, using its own machinery and developed processes and constantly updated. Each production is subjected to quality tests: density, pour point, extrusion and blowing, which certify that each delivery conforms to the required parameters, with the objectives of:

  • Improve the product quality
  • Improve the capacity to recycle plastics with a high level of contamination
  • Reduce carbon foot print

The R&D department is in charge of the constant development and improvement of the production processes and machinery TYRMA follows, by seeking improvements in quality and energy efficiency.

Black LDPE

LDPE: Low Density Polyethylene (recycled)


LDPE: Low Density Polyethylene (recycled)


CSR: Solid Recovered Fuel